Example Opt-In's

Pre-purchase Opt Ins

Click to Messenger ad 

Click to Messenger Ads surface in the Facebook timeline on desktop or mobile, or in Instagram.


To surface an example ad on your device, click here.




To surface an example ad on your device, click here.


Ads lead users to designed flows, and are effective acquisition and retention strategies.

Email Template

We offer a seamless integration with your email provider. To receive an example email, click on the sample email below.



After the user opts in via an email we use their email to search for them in your Shopify system. We can then populate an order history for the user and use this for future reminders or cross sell promotions. Note that for any order history to surface in the bot, you'll need to have placed an order on Vivalgo. For an experience with example order history, click here.


Facebook Messenger codes can be used to start a conversation with your customers. Try scanning it! To scan, open your Messenger app on mobile and navigate to the 'Add Contacts' screen.

Scancodes are very flexible and can be used in many use cases. This scancode leads to a greeting flow, but for another example of possible scancode click here to simulate a scancode leading to a product reorder flow.

Pop Up

Add a pop up to your Shopify page to gather opt ins upon user arrival at the site. Click here to see it in action. This popup contains a coupon offer. You can see the coupon offer experience by clicking here.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Use Facebook's dynamic product ads to target users with more precision. These ads take a user to a landing page complete with opt in. Click here to see an example landing page.

Product Page (Abandoned Cart)

Add a checkbox to your product page to collect opt ins and send reminders if a user abandons their cart. Click here to go to the product page. Click here to receive a sample abandoned cart reminder.

Website Chat

Include an option to include a facebook chat option on your website. Users will communicate as if in Messenger directly from the website. Click the floating icon in the bottom right corner to experience this widget.

Keyword Opt-In (SMS only)

Allow users to initiate conversations by chatting specific keywords. Text START to (650) 488-6530 to see this in action.

In Stock Update

Notify users when a product they'd wanted comes back in stock. The widget is present on product pages for out of stock products. Click here to see an example. Click here to see an example reminder message.

Post-purchase Opt Ins

Checkout Page (Shopifyplus users only)

Add a checkbox widget to opt in users upon checkout click. Post-purchase opt ins try to load the user's order history and use this information to improve their experience. 



Order Confirmation Email

Add opt in widgets to your automatic order confirmation email. Completed orders on this site will cause an Order Confirmation Email to send, so you can see a live example for yourself! 


Order Confirmation Page

Add a widget to the order confirmation page to gather opt ins immediately post purchase. Click here to see an example order confirmation page, or click here to simulate selecting an order confirmation page opt in.